2011 Fiat Bravo Review

A modern vehicle, loaded with technological innovation, with excellent satisfaction, safety and efficiency. Produced in South america, the new Fiat Well done has exceeding beyond assigned to be a powerful competing in the famous section of method hatchbacks. And it comes to get rid of Fiat's modern popularity, showing that progress does not know boundaries.

2011 Fiat Bravo
Fiat Bravo

And progress is really its brand. Fiat Well done comes to please the most strenuous consumer: separated style, cutting-edge technological innovation, with equipment that makes it truly complete; nice inner space with a lot of sophistication; besides sportiveness, with its enhanced and high quality aspects.

An exactly wonderful vehicle. Without doubt, the style is one of Fiat Bravo's powerful points. Its competitive and powerful lines - motivated partially in the style of the Large Household vehicles - keep sportiveness together with the recognized French language style, but keeping the new family feeling of the Fiat designs.

Fiat Well done comes with two effective motorizations - the nationwide 1.8 16V E.torQ with technical indication or Dualogic, and the brought in 1.4 T-Jet with 6-gear indication - and three completing editions - Substance, Overall and T-Jet - very well outfitted.

2011 Fiat Bravo
Fiat Bravo

Fiat Well done, for example, can be outfitted with up to seven safety bags - two front, two front side factors, two for the security of occupants' leads, besides one for security of the driving legs. With Combined Drive® electric guiding, it comes with avant-garde technological innovation like fog lighting with cornering system, NAV™ Stations, Xenon front lighting, front side vehicle indicator, foldable exterior rearview wall mirrors and a new Skydome sunroof.

Thus, generating it becomes an incredibly enjoyable experience, furthermore because internal it has fantastic space - to provide five people perfectly -, good footwear and a level of high quality finish in all editions.

With this important establishing, Fiat Automóveis looks for to cause powerful effect on the method hatchback section and to improve its discuss in this section.


Within the best Fiat custom, the new Fiat Well done delivers a lot of technological innovation. There are different devices that create the generating lifestyle simpler or that increases the occupants' protection, some of which create their introduction in the Fiat sequence, in designs of the section or even in South america. They promote create Fiat Well done a finish vehicle, outfitted with all sources to provide the best and most secure lifestyle on panel. Get to know them.

2011 Fiat Bravo
Fiat Bravo

To expand comfort, Fiat customer number on:

NAV™ Stations. Unique in the Fiat series, the program adds RDS (Radio Data System) radio, MP3, CD player, journey pc features and sat nav program (GPS). The device interface is a 6.5 inch live view screen display, 256 colors and 400 x 240 pixel resolution.

The GPS courses the car owner through sonorous and visual guidelines, and the car place is always modified by satellite tv. The primary details and features provided by the routing program are:
  1. Written and spoken guidelines, with indications of the car range to its location and the approximated duration of introduction. The vocal guidelines are done in advance, so that the car owner may have a while to meet up with them;
  2. Specific cartography, comprising the car modified place, the velocity and the destination;
  3. Navigation logbook that allows the memory of the last 10 expected destinations;
  4. Name of the road on which the vehicle is found;
  5. Choice of velocity options in accordance with the driver's preferences;
  6. Zoom function, for better analysis.
On the primary display diverse details is revealed, like date and time, audio details, dynamic mode (NAV), car location through symbol and view scale on the map. Now on the routing display there is a compass that indicates the car's direction (in degrees); longitude, permission and altitude; number satellite available; location, range up to it and approximated duration of introduction (if the routing is active); and journey pc.

Front side vehicle indicator. The new Fiat Well done is the first style of the vehicle producer to offer front vehicle receptors. The function concept is similar to that of the back vehicle sensor: a beep alerts the car owner with regards to the range between the vehicle and the nearest hurdle. The reduced is the period between the sonorous cautions, the nearer is the hurdle. To dynamic it, it is necessary to stimulate a option on the car's section. The receptors are excellent helps in vehicle techniques.

2011 Fiat Bravo
Fiat Bravo

Foldable exterior rearview wall mirrors. Also for the first time in the Fiat sequence. Upon pushing a option on the driving door towards the right, the exterior rearview wall mirrors times, which is extremely useful in limited techniques. Pressing the same option towards the left, the wall mirrors return to the unique place, with no need of new modification.

Push Logo. Thinking on the biggest functionality for the individual Fiat Well done holds the Force Logo. With it, it is also possible to start the back area from the outside, by pushing the Fiat logo on the main part of the cover.

Skydome. With wide hard area, Bravo's new Skydome sunroof is consisting of two cup sections, where one is set and the other cellular. Initial of the cellular piece is electric, through a option on the roof; it can fall up to the spoiler's place, up to the end of the velocity or until the option is forced again. Every section even has a layer, which can be all start or all shut personally. This type of sunroof is unique from the new Fiat Well done in its section.


Aggressive, eye-catching, stylish, modern. The collections of Fiat Well done indicate the most current factors of the well known French language style, with its own labels individuality but keeping the new household feeling of the brand's designs.

This is obvious on the front, based on the style of Large Family automobiles but with the French language substance in its heart, with its distinct cover, filter and innovative bbq grill, lower air feedback, polyelliptical front lights in way of a fall and prepared window. The different air carriers are damaged by lines, but are associated with balance, in perfect stability with each other, sending an impact of power and instantly making obvious that the style could only be integrant of the Fiat household.

2011 Fiat Bravo
Fiat Bravo

The types are the rules of aerodynamics and prepared, and the high stomach symbolizes the stylistic a continual between the front lights and the car rear: all seems "to run" in reverse, as if it is in continuous activity. The rounded top stops suddenly, but its range re-emerges on the the big sleep until it is consumed by the hips. The same unexpected effect was acquired with the inner curve of the windows: it is disturbed by the back pillar to, instantly, continue its course on the substandard boundary of the the big sleep.

Looking at Fiat Well done from the back, the rounded side range of the screen makes an exciting stability with the shape of the lighting fixtures, totally rounded except for the exterior face, which is placed in the back diagonally. The air carriers of the car's back are clean and rounded, with the included fender.

The stylistic alternatives found to determine the collections of Fiat Well done lead not only in a wonderful vehicle, but also created a huge and ethereal internal, displaying that, for the Fiat Style Center, type and operate move together side in side. The car size, for example, meets both the visual needs and those of inner space, also providing comfortable access to all residents.


The two available motorizations for the new Fiat Well done provide fantastic efficiency, gas mileage and low exhaust stages. Both are lightweight and contemporary.

The E.torQ 1.8 16V website places together powerful and economic climate, with fantastic twisting at low shifts. Generating only with petrol, its energy is 130 hp at 5,250 rpm; with ethanol, 132 hp at the same spinning. And the highest possible twisting of 18.4 kgfm with petrol and 18.9 kgfm with ethanol, is achieved at 4,500 shifts. But at 2,500 rpm, the website already generates 93% of its twisting.

2011 Fiat Bravo
Fiat Bravo

It issues a lightweight and lighting website, developed to last and to have low servicing price. And, even better, it has low exhaust stages and quiet function.

It provides the Substance and Overall editions of the new Fiat Well done.

Now the 1.4 16V T-Jet website provides the sportive edition of the hatchback. This lightweight petrol turbocompresseur website generates no less than 152 hp of energy and 21.1 kgfm of twisting at 2,250 rpm.

Small engines with efficiency of huge website are a powerful pattern in European countries. Their benefits is that, when not necessary, they are so reasonable as any other engine of the same potential. To acquire this system, an especially developed turbocompresseur air compressor is used to overfeed the website with smaller potential.
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