2008 Proton Savvy Review

The Proton Informed is the first town car Proton have marketed in the UK. It encapsulates the „Savvy buy' with very competitive costs, unique design and a variety of products that's sure to put a look on every consumer's deal with.

2008 Proton Savvy

Who's the Informed buyer?

The Proton Informed client needs more from their car. Design, functionality, excellence and value for money are important, but when force comes to leave it's satisfaction that number - being extremely pleased to generate the car and sensation good because of what it says about that person.

With unique design both within and out, a huge and breezy internal, complete manufacturer's warranty, excellent requirements AND a beginning cost of just £5,995 on the street, the Proton Informed is a car that anybody would be extremely pleased to own. Incorporate this with excellent client satisfaction and helpful sellers, and it's definitely a successful bundle.

2008 Proton Savvy

The Proton Informed is a car that will surpass all age limitations - it's nice design, excellent trip and managing, low insurance team and low cost will attract youthful purchasers looking for an excellent value, excellent looking car that's a bit different from the standard, an reasonable website and a huge selection of characteristics will make sure that mature purchasers are not alienated. The Informed is key to Proton's technique of client obtain, but it's pros and cons mean that it is sure to be a well-known choice for present entrepreneurs available that you can buy for a new car.

Proton considers that driving should be fun and that every one of its automobiles should produce fantastic trip and managing. Intensifying technology is obvious across the variety - not just in performance but in safety precautions and conventional equipment. The Proton Informed has registered this custom of providing everything drivers have come to expect from a Proton - and more.

There are three other automobiles in Proton range; the Impian, a huge four entrance saloon, the three entrance supermini Satria Neo and the GEN-2, which is now available in both five entrance and saloon versions.

Exterior Design

The Proton Informed is the greatest equipment for the streetwise consumer. Unique outside variations such as the bee pain airborne, honeycomb light groups and wide-bore internet explorer central fatigue all emphasize the Savvy's luxurious figure. Customers can boost the look on Style designs with the inclusion of conventional 15" aluminum tires and front side fog lights.

2008 Proton Savvy

To create vehicle easier, the Proton Informed comes with reverse distance alerts to guide you into tough areas and power served guiding to get you out again. The short body and lengthy rim base create it highly manoeuvrable, ideal in the standard or multi-storey car playground.

A new variety of vivid metal colour is available on all designs.

Interior Design

The Savvy's internal suits its fashionable outside. The dark furniture and decrease are in comparison with the nice yellow-colored calls, which boost the splash and emphasize the individuals display. The gold decrease on the splash panel, tools handle and rim supplement the internal with innovative completing variations.

The incorporated Clarion radio/CD player with RDS is confirmed to bring music to your hearing on a lengthy voyage, plus four audio system and a detachable top attached aerial is conventional across the Proton Informed variety. Moreover to that, all Informed automobiles have that little bit of extra relaxation not usually available on this size of car, with each model having ac with plant pollen narrow and electric front side windows.

2008 Proton Savvy

All Proton Informed designs are built for relaxation. With memory space-age foam improved chairs throughout, lying front side chairs, plus level and move adaptable individuals chair and car owner foot rest, residents are confirmed to be relaxed on any length of voyage.

Small on the outside but amazingly huge and large inside, brilliant splash panel style gives good exposure and a feeling of airiness in the cottage. Plenty of leg and head space for all travelers and with five gates, the Informed is practical for holding shopping, and relaxed for all four residents regardless of baggage.

Rear chairs divided 50:50 and flip completely flat, making a ample 207 liter start increase to deal with 909 ltrs of baggage. There's no rim posture attack into the cottage, increasing the Savvy's baggage holding potential further, and map openings, baseball glove box and an important start storage area further raises the amount of space available.

Engines and Transmissions

The Proton Informed is installed with a 1.2 liter gas engine which can easily produce a top speed of 98.7 mph. With computerized stick shift available on advanced stage Informed Design designs but with no loss of energy or change in gas usage, all Informed designs produce a continually dangerous of performance.

Superior trip and managing gives individuals confidence on country roads, whilst the sensitive drive and excellent speed allows individuals to handle the stop/ start of town and city driving.

2008 Proton Savvy

Both guide and computerized stick shift designs have excellent gas usage and low pollutants. One of the benefits of the computerized stick shift is that it gives individuals the same CO2 pollutants stage as guide designs, so individuals do not have to bargain on road tax costs.


The Proton Informed is installed with active protection measures to help the car owner prevent possible injuries, and inactive characteristics to secure residents in the event of an accident. Anti-lock stopping system come as standard across the Informed range, to ensure the car owner has complete control of the car under heavy stopping. Other key protection measures to prevent injuries include reverse distance alerts, energy served guiding, front fog lights (Style designs only) and excellent all-round exposure in the cottage with a higher sitting position.
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