2011 Opel RAK e Concept

Power expenditures, performance and light and portable style are the main attraction at the 64th Frankfurt Worldwide Generator Show. Opel is staking a powerful maintain for the focus with an all-new battery-powered electrical car. The Opel RAK e Idea starts a new part in electrical flexibility and expands Opel's revolutionary part in alternative space systems. The major RAK e is placed by little energy expenditures, 100 miles for one dollar, one third of the weight of a contemporary small car, and a highest possible rate of 120 km/h.

2011 Opel RAK e Concept

"We want to create electrical automobiles that everyone can manage. The range-extending understanding of the Ampera shows our authority in electrification of the vehicle, the Opel RAK e fresh car goals to produce expenditures that even youthful clients can manage. The RAK e has awesome looks and production-potential. Later on, performance will be calculated in dollars, not liters per 100 km; these days we are happy to present our "1 dollar car", said Karl-Friedrich Stracke, Opel CEO, at the world best in Frankfurt.

The light and portable understanding of the Opel RAK e is based on a precious metal space-frame framework below a skin of traditional artificial materials. This allows a dangerous of protection as well as cost-effective expenditures. Opel intentionally prevents the use of expensive blend elements in its lightweight-design viewpoint, to make electrical flexibility cost-effective for as many people as possible.

2011 Opel RAK e Concept

The name "RAK e" product recalls the brand new mindset motivated by Fritz von Opel and his groundbreaking rocket-powered car in the last millennium. In 1928 RAK 2 launched the son of company-founder Adam Opel to a top rate of 228 km/h. The "e" not only appears for electrical, but also requires up again the idea of ground-breaking fresh automobiles.

"The RAK e is motivated by our huge selection of experience in the area of electro-mobility, above all by the Ampera"; describes Level Adams, Vice Chief executive Style. "This intensifying idea is developing a new type of electrical vehicle; this is what upcoming flexibility with 'my first e-Opel' could look like. We are willing to see the response of readers to the show."

2011 Opel RAK e Concept

Design: Linking Fun and Functionality

The prospective of the amazing fresh car is demonstrated in the modern design. The body-work is made of completely recyclable artificial material; the conjunction two-seat traveler section is similar to glider. Thanks to the large seat cover, the car owner and traveler appreciate a sensation of space and all-around exposure. The top side chair, guiding pillar and arm rests instantly tip ahead to allow easy-entry; handheld distant control via smartphone increases the eye impact of this measures. The pedals and the rim modify to the size the car owner.

The nice personality of the two-seater is underlined by noticeable case elements, such as the wheel-integrated front side drive braking system and the motorbike-derived back swing-arm. The back tires boost rate with a take wider of only 600 mm.

2011 Opel RAK e Concept

"1-Euro Car": Electrical Space with Little Managing Costs

The progression goals - energetic efficiency, low huge and the best possible efficiency as well as highest possible simpleness - are demonstrated in the overall look. Young, environment friendly, or technology-fans, the Opel RAK e attracts a wide range of clients for whom the awesome looks of a powered car are as important as its power intake.

Around three measures long and 119 cm high, the sleek Opel RAK e offers zero-emission driving at minimal running expenditures. After receiving the power supply for three hours at a cost of about one dollar, the fresh car has a range of up to 100 km. This results from the collaboration of low weight, minimal front area, low moving level of resistance, and highly powerful power propulsion.

Energy intake per person is ten times lower than that of an reasonable small car. The seat features shows displaying power supply state-of-charge or the closest receiving place, infotainment equipment, and air conditioning.

Beginning Start: Electrical Generating Outdated 16

A broad large range of alternatives in a large range of colours, elements and patterns would allow a client to customise the Opel RAK e to his or her own choices. Eye-catching colour, distinct starkly with the top, and innovative LED lighting, are targeted directly at youthful purchasers, "a customer-group for whom we have more new thoughts than ever before", says Level Adams. Topic to regional regulations, even 16-year-olds could start their driving jobs in the Opel RAK e, by restricting the top rate to 45 km/h.

2011 Opel RAK e Concept

Weighing only 380 kg the Opel RAK e is only one third of the weight of a contemporary small car. The converting range of just 5.5 m creates the fresh car suitable for inner-city flexibility. The forecasted top rate of 120 km/h and zero to 100 km/h speed in less than 13 mere a few moments illustrate that Opel's viewpoint for town flexibility contains motorway-capability. It requires very little energy for Opel RAK e to produce such efficiency - high energy result is 36.5 kW/49 hp; 10.5 kW/14 hp is consistently available. The functional energy supply potential of 5 kWh allows a large range of 100 km, which goes along to petrol intake of just 0.6 liters of energy. Over an yearly 10,000 km the Opel RAK e's energy intake would therefore be a moderate 525 kWh. This could be provided by a five square-meter, 500-Watt screen attached on the top of the garage area.
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