2012 Audi A8 L Security Review

Mercedes is presenting a new, unique style - the Mercedes A8 L Protection. The long-wheelbase high-security edition of the A8 satisfies the most stringent recommendations in power for private automobiles, with a coordinator of special safety measures available moreover to its hefty armoring. At sales release Mercedes will offer the W12 engine, with another device to go by in 2012. Both applications incorporate excellent power with higher quality.

2012 Audi A8 L Security


At 5.27 measures (17.29 ft) long, the Mercedes A8 L Protection is a large, consultant extravagance automobile, hardly noticeable to the eye from the edition. The LED front lights, which use light-emitting diodes for all features, offer a stunning concept to its front. They are part of the conventional bundle in the Mercedes A8 L Protection W12.

Incorporated as a unitized component of the body, the high-security sedan's safety cellular features a unity of quite challenging, tolerant elements - hot-formed armored precious metal, aramide clothing, ceramics, unique alloyed metal and multilayer cup. The overlap golf safety elements at the joint parts offer the highest level of protection throughout the tenant cellular. The interior armoring weighs approximately 720 kilos (1,587.33 lb).

2012 Audi A8 L Security

The metal aspect sills have strong precious metal segments built in. These offer increased protection against intense weaponry - an area that has seen a noticeable stiffening of requirements these days. Created of a modern metal aluminum, the car armored floor assists the same purpose. The Mercedes A8 L Security is capable of enduring an attack with a army hand grenade.

Even an intense charge identified from the test program does not present a deadly risk to travelers, as confirmed by dimensions taken during examining on idiots.

The aspect windows, window and the big sleep are all made from unique cup with a plastic layer in the inside to prevent spalling. Optionally available electromechanical screen openers operate the aspect windows, allowing them to be diminished nearly all the way. The fat of the windows amounts to just over 300 kilos (661.39 lb). A ending assist feature comes standard for the doors - which think about an additional 360 kilos (793.66 lb) completely. A door-stop function supports each entrance open in any preferred position.


The internal of the Mercedes A8 L Protection is exciting, with its huge design and craftsmanship on a craftsman's level. The leisure on panel is first category - the conventional bundle incorporates a four-zone heating and cooling program with an ionizer to freshen the air, electric back shades, the sonorous Bose encompass stereo audio and a TV receiver. In the back are two individual, chairs with energy change. Also presenting a flexible change range, the front leisure chairs offer heating system as well as optionally available rub and air flow features. In addition, the Mercedes A8 L W12 Protection comes with a conventional full-leather bundle.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

On ask for Mercedes will set up the "relaxation seat" - a commonly adaptable right-hand back chair with a power-adjustable foot rest, heating system and rub. Also available is a full-length center system with large areas, associated by the back chair amusement program with two 10.2-inch shows. Optional features such as a foldable desk, a fridge and a vehicle heaters make the time used in the car even more pleasurable.


Audi is developing the new Bmw A8 L Protection with a amazing web page - the W12. The direct-injected power web page owes its name to the W-shaped framework of its cylinders - four collections of three cylinders each, signed up with into two banking organizations. From a displacement of 6.3 liters, the stream-lined, gentle and transportable W12 forces out 368 kW (500 hp) of power and 625 Nm (460.98 lb-ft) of warming up, with the latter available at 4,750 rpm.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

The W12 is interesting, with its luxurious dealing with efficiency, its easy, musical technological innovation technology seem and its power. It improves the Bmw A8 L Protection from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 7.3 easy a few times. In element of the tires, top amount is restrained to 210 km/h (130.49 mph). The high-security vehicle uses just 13.5 liters of gas on frequent per 100 km (17.42 US mpg) - by far the most cost-effective figure out among its immediate competitiveness (performance and utilization outcomes are preliminary). As opposed to the precursor design creating 331 kW (450 hp), gas utilization has diminished by 3.0 liters per 100 distance - that's an progression of 18 %.

In buy, Mercedes will offer a second engine edition, which will incorporate excellent taking power with unexpected performance. Its regular usage of 10 to 11 liters per 100 km (23.52 to 21.38 US mpg) will earn it a best-in-class standing with regards to petrol performance.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

In both engine variants, power is transmitted via an eight-speed tiptronic featuring a large overall gear spread. Its control system is electronic, operated with an elegant selector lever or rocker switches at the steering wheel. The quattro permanent all-wheel drive system conducts the power from the engine to all four wheels. In the standard configuration, the sporty drive is emphasized at the rear; if the situation calls for it, the drive system redirects a majority of the torque input to the axle with the better traction.


The Mercedes A8 L Protection provides magnificent trip comfort. Mercedes developed its case, braking system program and electronic management systems specifically for the greater weight; in the rim management hands, for example, the tensile skills, materials and wall width have all been recalibrated. The flexible air revocation with handled damping is incorporated in the Mercedes drive choose program, which allows fine-tuning of a number of factors. The optionally available energetic guiding units out the range on offer.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

The high-security automobile is installed with standard 19-inch cast tires presenting a semipolished, two-tone complete. The especially scaled 255/720 tires have a superior fill catalog of 117. Artificial happens to be on the tires allow the vehicle to continue journeying at connections up to 80 km/h (49.71 mph) even after a breakdown has took place.

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