2011 Lotus Elise Review

The Lotus Elise changed the sportscar market 14 years ago when the small light and portable nimble 2-seat mid engine sportscar was presented. By guaranteeing that the Lotus Elise trapped strictly to Lotus' primary principles of performance through light and portable, the Lotus Elise was able to generate supercar performance with city car economic climate.

2011 Lotus Elise

Making its very first at the 80th Worldwide Geneva Motorshow, this year's style year Lotus Elise presents a number of changes and changes to maintain its class major position.

The body - an evolution

The body of the new 2011 Lotus Elise is an progress of the well-known Elise style, keeping the personality and style, while providing a more placed, filled with meaning position and a genuine, modern look that hyperlinks it to the Evora. As with all Lotus product the style is an interesting combination of extraordinary style and sensible efficiency

2011 Lotus Elise

The new Lotus Elise body has a fresh created front side, together with a new fender, front side clam and access section that incorporate to give the Lotus Elise a greater look with more road existence.

Behind the car the new web page has been protected by a unique "twin-spine" web page cover while lower down a more very competitive diffuser / enthusiast / enthusiast is conveniently protected by an stylish new fender design that now contains the back allow list.

New headlamp models with particularly designed LED lights programs (incorporating day time running lights and route indicators) make a modern viewpoint to this classic design. Elsewhere, the signature, Lotus "mouth" and well known designed types have been sensitively improved to offer a solution, more dynamic look. The rethinking of light features has energized the design of wide clean exterior between the bumpers such as with magnificent part content and popular splitter details to offer a bigger more placed position.

The style of cleanliness is taken through to the air conditioning apertures that are properly completed a new light and portable alloy capable that gives the car a typically wearing personality.

2011 Lotus Elise

The back start is now started out from the seat rather than via a individual key function. The top quality experience of the Lotus Elise is ongoing throughout the car with the Lotus Elise visual included into the new aspect LED route symptoms, like those on the Evora.

The generating location, from the completely located pedals and rim, to the relaxed and helpful chairs with ProBax technological innovation indicates that, like all Lotus vehicles, the car owner becomes part of the car rather than being just a traveler.

With the luxurious new body the the rules of aerodynamics have enhanced providing a decrease in the coefficient of move of 4%.

Finally, a option of two wonderful, light and portable rim styles are available; an amazingly gentle thrown rim and a new thrown rim does the image for this delicate upgrade of a Lotus Symbol.

Extra changes to this year's Lotus Elise

The new 2011 Lotus Elise has a number more changes and changes, with the set up of a new innovative 1.6 liter Valvematic website getting together with EURO 5 rules. This new website is 200cc lesser than the outbound Lotus Elise S style and creates identical power (136 PS, 100 kW, 134 hp at 6800 rpm) with highest possible twisting of 160 Nm, 118 lbft at 4400 rpm, but provides a considerable enhancement to gas mileage of over 23%, to 6.14 ltrs / 100km (46 mpg) and a decrease in CO2 exhaust by more than 13%. This provides the new Lotus Elise with the most affordable CO2 per efficiency for any energy powerful sportscar in the world. This higher tech website is mated to a new 6-speed guide gear box, offering deeper and more efficiency focused rates than the outbound 5 rate box.

2011 Lotus Elise

The 1.6 liter website is managed via the unique Lotus T6 website management system. Vacation management is available on the Lotus Elise for the first time with the handles provide on a stalk placed to the eventually left of the guiding line.

New thrown tires have been developed particularly for the Lotus Elise and the new optionally available cast tires think about just 29.26 kg per set, 2.14 kg brighter than a set of light and portable thrown variations. Both are available in gold or dark-colored color.

Dany Bahar, Primary Professional of Team Lotus said, "The Lotus Elise changed the sportscar when it was released 14 years ago and now the Lotus Elise has become eco-friendly, providing individuals accessibility category major efficiency with less guiltiness."

2011 Lotus Elise

Donato Coco, Manager of Style said, "The Lotus Elise is an well-known sportscar and it was essential that we did not mess with its design, so we created the car more genuine in its look, enhanced the the rules of aerodynamics, and offered it a more modern look with top excellent detail."

Paul Newsome, Manager of Lotus Products Technological innovation said, "We are always looking at techniques of maintaining the Lotus Elise prior to its colleagues and for this year's style season we have enhanced performance without dropping the natural fun that has created the Lotus Elise famous."

Andreas Prillmann, Primary Professional Specialist for Lotus Vehicles said, "In its 14 decades of generation the Lotus Elise has included 32% of all the 61 decades of Lotus generation, showing how considerable to the company and well beloved it is. The 2011 Lotus Elise is eco-friendly, more genuine and more suitable, creating it even more appropriate to present-day industry. The new Elise underlines Lotus' popularity as one of the most modern athletics car producers on the planet."
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